Anisa Shkembi
Transition Coordinator

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The commencement of Year 7 is a time of celebration and excitement. However, it can also be a time of worry and stress as our students and their parents/guardians begin a new journey in their lives. Our students come from all walks of life and our priority here at Penola Catholic College is to provide our students with a successful transition program that further develops their sense of belonging, connectedness and academic self-competence.

Our aim is to provide a transition program which prepares our students for the changes and challenges that they face. Being based at our Junior Campus, our Year 7 students have the opportunity to gradually transition to the high school setting. In Year 7, most of the subject are taken in their normal homeroom classroom; reducing movement around the campus. Students also have their homeroom teacher for multiple subject, where applicable, allowing for meaningful and authentic relationships to be built really early on.

Our Orientation and Transition days are tailored to cater for each individual student’s learning needs. Through our Pastoral Program, Incursions and the Year 7 Camp we plan and implement early intervention and prevention strategies to promote belonging and wellbeing in all students.

During the Year 7 Camp, we encourage our students and support them in further developing their social and emotional skills and forming new connections with their peers and staff. As a team we work together to achieve common goals on having an optimistic outlook on high school life while building resilience and coping strategies for when things might get challenging.

Meet the team

College Principal - Mr Christopher Caldrow

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Head of Campus Glenroy - Mr Stuart Harrison

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Coordinator of Students - Mrs Katie Murray-Fawcett

+61 3 9301 7824

Student Enhancement - Ms Isabelle Carlon

+61 3 9908 9046

Year 7 Coordinator - Mr Dyson Bell-Warren

+61 3 9066 3090

Year 7 Coordinator - Mr Mark O'Dowd

+61 3 9066 3055

Wellbeing Officer - Mr Paul Walsh

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Psychologist - Ms Teeka Dour

+61 3 9301 7866

Provisional Psychologist - Ms Kellie Smith

Year 7 2022 Information Vodcast

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