From the Principal - Ms Tracey Kift Vol 3

From the Head of Campus Glenroy - Mrs Liviana Daniele Vol 3

Welcome back to Term two I hope everyone families, students and staff had a restful break. As we begin a new Term some reminders to ensure learning and teaching along with staff and student wellbeing are both nurtured.

I would like to welcome our new staff to the junior campus commencing in term two.

  • Ms Jasmine Dhaliwal – Head of Learning: Science and teaching Science.
  • Ms Susanne Kift – Learning Diversity Transition Officer.
  • Ms Piyumi Thilakarathna – Year 8C Homeroom Teacher and Teaching Science and RE.
  • Ms Stephanie Scobie – Year 7B Homeroom Teacher and Teaching English & Humanities.

Annual Athletics Carnival
On Wednesday we conducted our annual athletics carnival on the senior campus. Our Year 7 and 8 students participated with enthusiasm and spirit in a variety of sporting activities and events. The Year 7s really showed their dancing capabilities during the ‘Dance Off’ and the Year 8 cohort rallied together in house spirit during the ‘tug-of-war’ and ‘target games’. Our students also participated in events at a ‘run station’, hurdle station and jump station. Overall it was a great day where students were able to enjoy being with their peers and at the same time participating in sporting events.

Digital Devices Policy
A reminder about our digital devices policy. Students are required to not use their mobile phones or any digital device during school hours. This ensures a focus on teaching and learning and at the same time upholds student and staff rights to privacy protecting them against being filmed without permission.

Uniform for Term Two
It is so good to see students adhering to our uniform policy and taking responsibility to ensure they are representing Penola in a positive manner. As the weather does become cooler a reminder that students need to be wearing the college Blazer in Term two as their outer garment to and from school. In regard to hair and grooming a reminder that patterns or lines cut into the hair are prohibited.

Student Voice
A group of Year 8 students Mathew M 8I, Angelina E 8I, Isabella Z 8I, Mia L 8I and Talia K 8I were involved in producing a video on the impacts that social media can have on young people when used inappropriately. The group presented a speech and showed their video to the Year 7s at an assembly. Thank you to Mrs Seel for facilitating the presentation that was well received by the Year 7 cohort. It was an example of our Year 8s being leaders of the junior campus.

Our year 8 leaders have also been active in participating in our school tours at the junior campus. Dianthi P. 8D, Cagan C. 8E, Andros G. 8C, Kit A. 8E, and Glen D. 8E were all involved in show casing our junior campus to families interested in knowing more about Penola. The most recent tour took place on Tuesday 16th of April during the first two lessons of the school day. Our year 8 students were impressive in the way they represented our college by interacting and answering questions from parents and students during the tours.

Year 7 Premier League
We wish our Year 7 students all the best as they embark on their first experience of Premiere League taking place during Term two. Students who are interested in participating in the competition have had ‘try outs’ conducted last term and are training this term to be ready for the competition. Here are a list of the teams, the coaches and the training times:




Girls Netball

Mrs Maria Mancuso

Monday lunch

Boys Aussie Rules

Mr Michael Pell

Wednesday after school (3.05-4pm)

Girls Basketball

Ms Patricia Guzman

Tuesday lunch

Boys Basketball

Mr Dave Wittmer

Tuesday lunch

Girls Volleyball


Wednesday lunch

Boys Volleyball

Mr Brendan Smith

Wednesday lunch

Girls Soccer

Mr Andrew Romero

Wednesday after school (3.05-4pm)

Boys Soccer

Mr Kosta Masouras

Wednesday after school (3.05-4pm)

We wish all teams the best of luck and look forward to hearing about their progress throughout the term.

Looking forward to a productive Term two!

From the Head of Campus Broadmeadows - Ms Erin Bonavia Vol 3

Welcome to Term two! I hope everyone in our school community had an enjoyable break and that students are refreshed and recharged for an exciting term ahead. Welcome back to our students and staff who travelled to Italy for a wonderful immersion experience.

Good Friday Appeal
Congratulations to the Year 12 students who participated in the Good Friday Appeal at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Good Friday. The students represented the college with pride and helped raise vital funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Thank you to Miss Elizabeth Perkin for her ongoing support of this initiative which has resulted from a partnership with former student Brett McKay and his photobooth business Mr and Mrs Booth.

Uniform reminders
As per the letter to families at the end of Term two, students are required to wear their College blazer to and from school in Terms two and three. This is regardless of whether they are wearing summer or winter uniform. With the cooler weather settling in, winter uniform is encouraged as students are not permitted to wear non College uniform such as hoodies. The winter shirt requires the College tie.

I would like to thank families for their support of the school uniform requirements. Correct school shoes in particular has been really evident so far this year.

E Safety
Technology has many benefits however it can also present challenges. The College takes bullying and harassment including online abuse very seriously. This includes abusive and/or threatening messages in online chats and social media apps i.e. TikTok, Instagram.

The e safety commissioner website has a range of useful resources for parents and young people about staying safe online and recommendations on how to stay safe online.

From the Head of Faith & Mission - Mr Vince Iannuzzi Vol 3

Season of Easter
May the light of Christ shine through his Passion, Death and Resurrection. We return to school having celebrated the pinnacle of the Church season, Easter and we now move into the Easter season before the great feast of Pentecost, the birthday of the Catholic Church. Scripture at Mass takes us through the trials and tribulations of the Apostles as they are accompanied by Mary, the mother of Jesus. They embark upon a time of confusion that turns into hope. The Road to Emmaus challenges two of Jesus’ followers and reminds them through the appearance of Christ, the sharing of the stories of Christ’s ministry and the breaking of the bread and the wine into his Divine body and blood. Christ appears to his followers on numerous occasions reminding them of their task in spreading the Word of God, in sharing the Eucharistic meal together in memory of Him and in baptizing all that are open to His message. At Penola, no doubt, St Mary of the Cross and the Josephites observed this period in prayer and contemplation and were enhanced by the Holy Spirit to continue their ministry in Christ’s name as they reached the masses their words and deeds. As Jesus and his apostles did in the early part of the Church, as did the saints of the Church, the Josephite sisters are a welcoming, inclusive, compassionate community. Mary MacKillop believed that the compassionate love of God was available to all she met. With a compassionate heart, big enough to embrace all of humanity, she invited all to participate in relationship with God, through Jesus’ message and the power of the Holy Spirit. At Penola, we continue our journey through this season of Easter by praying the Stations of Light (Via Lucis) on Friday lunchtimes at the chapel at the senior campus and on Mondays at the junior campus. This is available to all staff and students who wish to explore the journey of their faith.

Agape Lunch
Agape is the New Testament Greek word for self-giving love. In the Christian tradition an “Agape” is also the name for informal meals and times of togetherness and mutual sharing which remind us of all those meals Jesus shared with his friends and the unity that his Spirit continues to give us. The beginning of Term 2 was an opportunity for the staff at both the Glenroy and Broadmeadows campuses to gather in prayer and to share a meal with one another in Christ’s spirit. We do this to remember the Easter season is a special time of year in the Christian calendar to continue to live out Christ’s message of hope, compassion, mercy, and salvation to all.

Stations of Light
The Stations of the Light is a spiritual journey with Christ that takes one through fourteen of the most inspiriting events of His post-Resurrection life on earth. In the early Church this practice was known as the Via Lucis, or Way of the Resurrection. It invites participants to walk along a path of transforming joy by following in the footsteps of the Risen Christ and his friends. Although known and cherished since the first century, the Stations of the Light were never gathered into a precise devotion until recent years.

While the Stations of the Cross focus on events within one day of Christ’s life on earth, the Way of Light begins with the story of the Resurrection and focuses on the awe-inspiring events from the Resurrection to Pentecost. The symbols in both devotions, the cross and the empty tomb, were key symbols in the early church.

During the season of Easter, the Stations of Light will be offered for staff and students to gather in prayer in the campus chapels at lunchtimes. This will happen at the Broadmeadows campus on Tuesday lunchtimes and at the Glenroy campus on Mondays at lunchtimes.

Save the Date: Mother’s Day Mass
We invite all key women in the lives of the College community and their families to attend the Mother’s Day mass at the College on Friday 10 May. This is an opportunity to gather in the liturgy of the Eucharist to give thanks for the women in our lives. The Mass will be celebrated by Fr Tony Cox and will be followed by a breakfast and a Mother’s day raffle in the Assembly Sports Hall (ASH). Ticket bookings will be online shortly, we will send out a link to book once they are open.

A message from Fr Tony

Our Post-Resurrection Journeys!
Since we all have been baptised so much of our world has changed. In a sense it is frightening as we consider the "Events" which have occurred in countries such as Peru, Chile, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Africa and Asia over past decades. In more recent times we are conscious of the tensions in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine to name a few. Added to all this we are constantly being confronted by what has and is happening in our own country and even neighbourhoods. No matter what, all has been brought, uninvited, into our lives. Our world is so much smaller; those, once far away now are so very near!

How much we too have changed! Our understandings, our attitudes and feelings about God, Jesus, one another, our country, our faith and also all the various social and moral standards and attitudes. All these know the rhythm of trust and doubt and new beginnings.

The horizons of human life are being expanded as we are being stretched beyond our limits...not only in travel throughout our world but also well into the stars. We have to marvel at the myriad possibilities of being human, and also rejoice in a God who does and will empower each and everyone of us for the future.

Yet as our horizons widen, so do the dangers to life, our environment and other aspects of our planet. In some ways, we fear the destruction of life itself. Violence and injustice plague our world and more and more our nation and even local communities. Would it be true to say that we recognise ourselves as a people called into a marvellous future, and yet, in critical need of healing?

This past Easter, we all would have renewed our Baptismal Promises during Mass! But what does this mean in the face of such changes?

It means that we, individually and collectively, as Church and as a Catholic College have to affirm that our vision is called to be Jesus' Vision of the Kingdom of God, handed on to us by the Christian Community from the very time of the Apostles. At the same time, we have to seek and must express this Vision in a way that might give shape and meaning to our changing world and our changing selves.

The Vision, likewise, is meant to be embodied. We have to seek then and to honestly express and celebrate the consequences of this faith...not just spoken words, rituals followed, but deeds done and lives lived.

This is the Easter Journey and Life that we live and are continually invited to share.

2024 Athletics Carnival

We're thrilled to share the exciting highlights from yesterday's Athletics Carnival, a day filled with spirited competition and impressive athleticism. The event brought together our school community for a day of fun and fitness, showcasing the talent and enthusiasm of our students.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this year's carnival was the high participation from students across all year levels. From eager Year 7 and 8's to seasoned Year 12s, everyone joined in the festivities, demonstrating their dedication to sportsmanship and teamwork. We're proud to see such widespread enthusiasm for physical activity among our students.

The carnival offered a diverse range of activities catering to all fitness levels. Whether students were sprinting on the track, leaping in the long jump pit, or demonstrating their skills in various field events, there was something for everyone to enjoy. This inclusivity reflects our commitment to providing opportunities for every student to engage in physical activity and discover their potential.

The energy peaked during the highly anticipated House Relay, a thrilling finale that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Representing their respective houses with pride, teams raced against each other in a spirited battle for glory. The atmosphere was electric as spectators watched Therry house take the lead and win.

After a day of fierce competition, it's with great pleasure that we announce the winners of this year's Athletics Carnival:

Place House Points
1st Nolan 4468
2nd MacKillop 3045
3rd Symth 2895
4th Therry 2891
5th Sancta Sophia 2513
6th Geoghegan 2402

We congratulate Nolan house on their outstanding performance and commend all participants for their dedication and sportsmanship throughout the event

The success of our Athletics Carnival is a testament to the vibrant spirit and collective effort of our school community. We're immensely proud of the students for their exceptional achievements and grateful to the staff and volunteers who helped make the day a resounding success.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes, let's also embrace the values of teamwork, perseverance, and healthy competition that lie at the heart of sporting endeavors. May the memories of this year's carnival inspire us all to continue striving for excellence in both athletics and character.

Japanese Homestay

From 20 - 28 March, Penola Catholic College hosted 15 Japanese students from Dokkyo Saitama High School, and 2 of their teachers.
Students were in homestays, attended some classes on both campuses, as well as excursions, to showcase our Melburnian way of life.

From our student’s perspective:
During the Japanese home stay, I hosted 2 Japanese students who stayed with me for a total of 8 days and attended my classes and went on excursions with me. This exposed me to a lot about their culture and traditions during their stay. I also met kinds of people I never thought I would meet; I became friends with quite a lot of Japanese students who I do still talk to. I would highly recommend hosting an exchange student, it was such a new and fun experience that benefited all of us.
Alexis T 8E

From the host family’s perspective:
What an absolute delight it's been having Kisaki stay with us. She has thrown herself into everything, the girls are getting along so well.
My daughter has embraced the Japanese culture just a little bit more I think and is keen to travel over there in the future!
We have had the most wonderful 8 nights and the girls were a delight to have. Our children have more than thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
What a wonderful opportunity Penola has allowed us to share!

St Vinnies Easter Thank You

Dear parents and guardians,

Thank you for your kind contributions to the St. Vincent Easter Egg donations. As in the past, this year we had an overwhelming response of students and staff donating eggs and books for families in our community to enjoy over the Easter period.

Community News

Term Dates

2024 Term Dates

Term 1
Thursday 1 February - Year 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students Commence
Friday 2 February - Year 8 Students Commence

Thursday 28 March - Term 1 Concludes

Term 2
Monday 15 April - Term 2 Commences
Friday 28 June - Term 2 Concludes

Term 3
Monday 15 July - Term 3 Commences
Friday 20 September - Term 3 Concludes

Term 4
Monday 7 October - Term 4 Commences
Thursday 5 December - Term 4 Concludes