1. What do you remember about your time at the college?

When I started at Geoghegan College it was a completely new environment for me. However, it didn’t take long to get used to it. After a couple of years, I took a Year 12 Homegroup and along with Dawn Daws ran the Student Representative Council. Then in the early 90’s, an announcement was made that the three Colleges (Sancta Sophia, Therry, Geoghegan) were to amalgamate to form one new Co-educational Years 7 – 12 College. There were non stop meetings of staff, parents and past students to discuss what was going to happen.

As Principal’s secretary at Geoghegan and being heavily involved as assistant to Frank Rogan (Catholic Education Office) who was overseeing the amalgamation, my work was well and truly cut out for me. Many meetings, upset staff and a school board of 26 people. This included representatives of the Christian Brothers and Sisters of Charity as well as staff, parents and students from the three Colleges. Finally, all arrangements were in place and I was appointed Principal’s Secretary of Penola Catholic College to commence in 1994. I was at work during January when I was told that I was leaving Geoghegan and going to work in the building known as the “Convent” with the new Principal. Well, the boys picked up my desk, chair and computer and moved me over. It was a very difficult time as the staff of the three Colleges wanted to keep what they had and not change, but eventually, everything settled down.

I loved the College and I loved working there. I found the staff most supportive and will never forget them. I also loved being involved with student activities when possible. New initiatives started such as the Mothers’ Day breakfast which was followed by the Fathers’ Day breakfast. I remember Janine Ireland and I cooking the first breakfast on the barbeques and smelling of bacon for the rest of the day. I could never miss a Year 12 Graduation. This was a very special event for me as we said goodbye to the students. Many of them I saw for the first time at the Year 7 information evenings and I felt very proud watching them walk out of the College as young adults.

Most of all though, I loved walking through the gates and marvelling at how lucky I was to be working in such a beautiful environment. The gardens, chapel, memorial garden etc., and especially the staff with whom I worked, will always hold a special place in my heart.

2. Did you have a career plan in high school?

No. I was allowed to complete form 4 (Year 10) and then had to go to work.

3. What were the significant milestones of your time at high school?

Being appointed House Captain and captain of the school softball team.

4. Do you have any words of wisdom for our current students?

Always do your best and don’t stress over things you have no control over.

5. Where are you now?