College Debate Team

Last week, the Penola debate team had another late night as students competed with representatives of the Epping region.

The VCE grade team was tasked with defending cancel culture, while the Year Nines were asked to make a case for animal testing. Both contentions were challenging, but Penola students made excellent cases and walked away with a victory.

The debating competition has offered students an invaluable opportunity to develop public speaking skills, engage with topical issues, and network with other schools. Here is some feedback from two team members:

“What I’ve enjoyed about debating is that it not only makes you learn more about the topic you are doing but it allows you to have your own say and the fact we go against other schools excites me and makes me do better each time!” Alisha Neupane (Year 9)

“Being a part of the debate team is a rewarding opportunity that has taught me the tricks of persuasion, researching skills, reasoning, and critical thinking. I look forward to the nights of the debate as they are the times for presenting our speeches and, although being in the moment is incredibly nerve-racking, the nights hold the excitement of what we have all prepared for. I have been taught the wonders of having to improvise and to do it naturally. I continue to learn new things in debate and am now challenged to think outside of the square. Debating makes learning a game, you might have the will to win, but to win you need to prove why the opposition should not. Debating is a worthwhile experience that is an honouring way to practice your skills.” Isla Rousakis (Year 9)