Public Speaking

This year at the Broadmeadows Campus, students had the opportunity to enter a Public Speaking Competition.

Students were required to select a topic, plan and prepare a speech and present it to a panel of judges (including teachers and students).

Some of the topics that were presented included:

  • We should we not ban offensive art.
  • We should not subsidize smokers' healthcare treatments.
  • the compulsory voting age should be lowered to 16.
  • We should close all zoos.

Below are the results for the Competition:

  • 1st: Cinar C (11I)
  • 2nd: Carlos B(10E)
  • 3rd (tie): Angus D (12G) and Nikitha K (11F)

Congratulations to the above students and all the students who participated. A sincere thank you to Mrs Alberto and Leah M (11J) for organising and overseeing the competition.