Penola Catholic College recognises and encourages students who strive for excellence in a wide range of disciplines. The College believes it important that students develop:

  • skills of creativity
  • a spirit of enquiry
  • self discipline
  • critical awareness
  • a sense of community
  • skills in leadership
  • a desire for academic excellence
  • be a Real Life Learner

Penola Catholic College endeavours to support students through the implementation of a Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program recognises and acknowledges students that take responsibility for, and are proactive in the development of their own learning.

We are thrilled to be able to announce the provision of a number of scholarships for 2023. The scholarships are of $400 each and are categorised as Academic, Co-Curricular Involvement, Community Spirit and Personal Endeavour.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship are invited to complete an application form. Forms will be available my.penola.

All applications must be submitted no later than Friday 7 October. The Scholarship Selection Committee will then short list and interview suitable applicants. Recipients of scholarships will be acknowledged at the College Awards Night.

Please Note: Recipients of 2022 Scholarships are not eligible to apply this year, but may apply again next year.

Students may only apply for one category of scholarship.