We are so proud of our Students we took part in the Stitch Don't Ditch competition. They all did so well, with Penola walking away with an abundance of awards.

Competition entrant Lucia N details her experience;
Being transported on a bus to Manor Lakes’ Central Shopping centre to receive my prize for my entry in the Stitch It Don’t Ditch It competition was not something that I ever expected to happen in my life—but off we went onto the bus, excited chattering amongst the finalists as we were driven down to receive our prizes. The teachers were scurrying about, fixing up last minute stitches that had come undone, and preparing us for the day. I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what was about to come, next.

We excitedly made our way into the Manor Lakes central shopping centre, watching as all the other finalists came into the area. We marveled at the stylish outfits on display in the middle of the shopping centre, and snuck a peek at the shiny trophies glistening on the table. I experienced my first interview about the event, which was an intriguing experience. Soon after, the mayor and the facilitator Heather Marcus of the Stitch It Don’t Ditch It competition came into the area and began announcing the winners. When my name was announced, I walked over nervously, but began to relax as I remembered that everyone was cheering for all of our achievements. I collected my trophy and my prize with a bright smile, and I realised then that my efforts were something to be truly proud of.

Lucia N (10C)

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements;

Secondary Colleges Up-cycling Years 11/12

  • 1st Simil M
  • 2nd Daniela O
  • 3rd Allegra V

Secondary Colleges Recycled Years 11/12

  • 1st Allegra V
  • 3rd Carla G

Secondary Colleges Recycled Years 9/10

  • 1st Daniela O
  • 2nd Jasmine K
  • 3rd Lucia N

School Cup – Most Winning Entries

  • Penola Catholic College