Literacy Improvement Program

Since its beginnings in 2010, the Literacy Improvement Program has positioned literacy as a major focus across all learning areas at Penola Catholic College. Over this time, the program and its influence has grown at a consistent rate placing Penola Catholic College at the forefront of school wide literacy improvement in secondary education in Melbourne.

Our program is designed to improve student outcomes across all subjects and year levels of the college. Each student is explicitly taught the necessary skills to comprehend and compose a wide variety of texts and genres. It is these literacy skills that when practiced, have been shown to enable students to reach their full academic potential.

With ongoing guidance from Catholic Education Melbourne, our college has been provided access to a wealth of information and experience. Brian Dare and Peter Freebody are both well-known and respected in the education space and have been instrumental throughout the development of the program. In addition, other initiatives adopted by the college include a Parish Partnership program with our feeder Primary Schools, peer coaching of staff members and the Curiosity and Powerful Learning program facilitated by Wayne Craig.

Penola Catholic College is a school strongly committed to the professional development of its staff, with a continual focus on building their capacity to improve literacy for all students within our vibrant learning community.