From the Principal - Mr Chris Caldow Vol 13

Congratulations to Aimee Whelan (PCC Graduate 2013)
Congratulations to Aimee Whelan who made her AFLW debut last weekend for Sydney. Aimee graduated from the College in 2013 and worked as our Sports Assistant in 2014 after graduating. She has played AFL extensively since this time and was recruited to Sydney in June this year.

Advance Notice – Wednesday 7 September - No Years 11 or 12 classes
There will be no Year 12 classes running on this day as all Year 12 students are involved in the General Achievement Test (GAT). Year 11 students who are not required to sit the GAT will have a remote learning day where their work will be placed on MyPenola.

For the first time all Year 12 VCAL students will be required to sit the GAT on Wednesday, 7 September. All Victorian senior secondary students (Year 12) will this year have their literacy and numeracy skills measured against new standards in a redeveloped GAT.

The new standards will indicate whether students have demonstrated the literacy and numeracy skills typically expected of someone completing their secondary schooling – giving another indication of their readiness to move onto further education, training, or employment. VCE and Senior VCAL students who are enrolled in one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3-4 sequence are required to sit both Section A and B. This includes students who are enrolled in the VCE or a scored VCE VET Unit 3-4 sequence who are not planning to undertake their scored assessments. Year 11 students studying a Units 3 & 4 VCE or scored VET will be required to sit both parts of the GAT.

Our deepest condolences to the Di Giantomasso family on the passing of John late last week. John is the father of Anton (current Year 12), Michael (PCC Graduate 2017) and Gabriella (PCC Graduate 2016). Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family at this most difficult time.

Josephite Exchange
On Thursday, 25 August and Friday, 26 August we travelled to one of our Josephite schools from South Australia, Mt Carmel College at Rosewater. The visit involved a number of sporting competitions in sports such as netball, soccer, football, volleyball and basketball. It also provides an opportunity for our students to engage with students from another Josephite school and get a better understanding of the Josephite charism. I thank both the staff and students attending Adelaide for the way that they represented the College.

There were a number of people who made comment about the respectful, polite and courteous students that we have at Penola Catholic College and I thank the students for being such great ambassadors for our school. My thanks to Mr Shane Griffin and Ms Kathryn Ennor for all of their organisation and also Ms Natalie Presutti for accompanying the students on their trip to Adelaide. More details can be found later in this newsletter.

Year 12 Trial Exams
Year 12 Trial exams will take place in the second week of the upcoming school holidays for our VCE students. They will take place on Monday, 26 September to Thursday, 29 September and they are compulsory for all Year 12 VCE students completing a scored VCE. The timetable has been published and can be found on either the Year 12 page on MyPenola or the VCE page on MyPenola. These exams give students an indication as to their strengths and weaknesses and can assist in shaping their revision in the weeks leading up to the exams in late October.

Year 7 Enrolments 2024
A reminder to all of our existing families that Year 7 enrolments for 2024 closed on Friday, 19 August. A number of families applied after the close of enrolment last year and it makes it very difficult to accurately plan for the following year, so I ask that you submit your enrolment as soon as possible. Often families assume that we know that there is a younger sibling, but I would be very disappointed if one of our existing families missed out on an enrolment due to not submitting their enrolment in a timely manner.

Father’s Day Breakfast
Father’s Day Breakfast is scheduled for Friday, 2 September with mass commencing at 7.15a.m. and the Breakfast at 8.00a.m. We hope that many fathers will be able to attend with their sons and daughters. In light of the increased COVID cases we have made the decision not to have a guest speaker to minimise the chance of participants catching COVID.

Father’s Day
In our setting – a coeducational school in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, we are ever conscious of the impact we, as adults have on our young people. The influence that parents have on shaping their children is paramount and the second greatest influence usually comes from the teachers that young people have during their schooling. The opportunity to bring Dads and their children together is something which the College values enormously.

The evidence suggests that as Dads, we must ensure that we do find time to be with our sons and daughters and to take an active and genuinely interested role in their lives. I hope that all of our Dads and families will enjoy the upcoming Fathers’ Day this Sunday.

I have been fortunate to have my father be a strong and positive influence throughout my entire life. My father is from the era where men were seen as the provider and nurturing children was seen as the mother’s role. My father, whilst an extremely intelligent man, left school at the age of 15 to begin an apprenticeship as a butcher. Unfortunately, he lost both of his parents within a 6-month period whilst he was still aged 14. As a result, Dad always found it difficult to express his emotions particularly love. That is not to say that he didn’t love me or my siblings he just wouldn’t say it. He demonstrated his love on a regular basis to all within the family but found it difficult to say. Fortunately, with the addition of grandchildren, he has become much better at verbally expressing his love. This is something that I am conscious of with both my son and daughter, and I try to express my love to them on a daily basis. Sometimes too regularly if you ask them!

I have included a reflection given by a staff member previously as there is a truth within the reflection that resonated with me.


When I was 4 years old I thought, “My Daddy can do anything.”

When I was 5 years old I told my friends, “My Daddy knows a whole lot.”

When I was 6 years old I told my best friend, “My Dad is smarter than your Dad.”

When I was 8 years old I thought, “”My Dad doesn’t know exactly everything.”

When I was 10 years old I thought, “In the olden days when my Dad grew up, things were sure different.”

When I was 12 years old I told myself, “Well, naturally, Dad doesn’t know anything about that. He is too old to remember his childhood.”

When I was 14 years old I told my friends, “Don’t pay any attention to my Father. He is so old fashioned.”

When I was 21 years old I said of my father, “Him? My Lord, he’s hopelessly out of date.”

When I was 25 years old I thought, “Dad knows a little bit about it, but he should he has been around for so long.”

When I was 30 years old I said to my friends, “Maybe we should ask Dad what he thinks. After all he has had a lot of experience.”

When I was 40 years old my mantra was: “I’m not doing a single thing until I talk to Dad.”

When I was 50 years old I would ask myself, “I wonder how Dad would handle this? He is so wise and has a world of experience.”

When I was 60 years old I said to myself, “I’d give anything if Dad were here now so I could talk this over with him. Too bad I didn’t appreciate how smart he was. I could have learnt a lot from him.”

From the Head of Campus Glenroy - Mr Stuart Harrison Vol 13

Book week
There was a variety of activities for book week last week with a number of our students and staff dressing up on Wednesday in their favourite characters. On Friday our Year 8 students listened to a talk by Robert Newton who is the author of Runner the book they are studying in English.

Subject Selection
Both our Year 7 & 8 students have recently completed their subject selections for the 2023 school year. If your son and daughter has not yet completed this process, can they please see Mrs Warren who is the Head of Learning and Teaching on the Glenroy Campus.

Transfer of Leadership Assembly
On Friday 9 September we have our leadership assembly where the new school captains are sworn in. Students will need to make their own way to the Broadmeadows Campus and will be bussed back to the Glenroy Campus at its conclusion. Can parents please ensure they have accepted the attendance on Operoo.

From the Head of Campus Broadmeadows - Ms Erin Bonavia Vol 13

As we approach the final weeks of term 3 I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate all students, staff and families on their efforts to date. It has been a busy year and it is really pleasing to see students engage in all areas of College life and make the most of the fabulous opportunities that are presented. Education is a partnership and success cannot be achieved without the work of the school and the support of families.

R U Ok Day
Staff and the student leaders are arranging a variety of activities to raise awareness during Mental Health Week which runs September 5 - 9.

Thursday September 8 is National R U Ok day. The day strives to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and start a conversation with those in their world who may be struggling with life. You don't need to be an expert to reach out - just a good friend and a great listener. The R U Ok website encourages us to use these four steps and have a conversation with those around us that could change a life:

  1. Ask R U OK?
  2. Listen
  3. Encourage action
  4. Check in

Over the holidays there are different ways students and families can obtain support if they find themselves struggling with their mental health:

Kids Helpline
24/7 telephone service 1800 55 1800. There is also a web chat and email for support, please see their website

13 11 14 a 24/7 crisis support Web chat available with someone between 7pm-midnight, and text support is available from 6pm-midnight.

Beyond Blue
24/7 phone line 1300 22 4636. A chat line operates from 3pm-midnight. The website carries info on a variety of teen topics.

The school holidays is a good opportunity to obtain any required uniform items. We ask that students and families please consider our College uniform expectations in relation to hair styles and personal grooming such as new piercings. Thank you for your support.


Another busy ‘musical’ month has flown by! Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to in the Music Department in August:

Mary MacKillop Day
On Monday 8 August, our wonderful Junior and Senior Rock Bands performed throughout the day as part of our Mary MacKillop Day festivities. It was wonderful to see our rock bands finally performing to a live audience, outside in the beautiful sunshine. Our Rock Bands were very entertaining and added to the celebratory atmosphere of the day. Thank you to our fabulous students and their band leaders Mr Stivala and Mr Erickson for a truly wonderful day of music-making. Thank you also to Mr Greatwood for assisting with sound on the day.

Senior Vocal Workshop and Masterclass
On Thursday 18 August, VCE Music Vocalists plus senior voice students participated in a special Vocal Workshop and Masterclass Incursion conducted by Voice Teacher, Musical Director and Composer - Kate Sadler. Voice students participated in a Vocal Workshop, as well as observed our VCE Voice students perform in the Masterclass session. Jordan G (Year 12 VCE Music and College Captain) plus Nelana F (Year 11 VCE Music and Captain of Performing Arts) participated in the Masterclass amongst other students. They share their experiences below:

The singing Masterclass with Kate Sadler was an extremely fun, memorable, and informative session. As an Estill Voice Master Teacher, Kate was clearly very knowledgeable in her field, teaching us about a variety of vocal techniques that we could use to aid our singing. For me, Kate helped provide the techniques that I needed to belt a particular section of my song. The best part of Kate’s session was that she was able to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease, especially when singing a song you are not too comfortable with, as it means exposing the most vulnerable part of your voice. I have learned so much from this masterclass that I can apply to my singing and refine my skill in an art that I am passionate about. Jordan G

I had seen singing masterclasses online, but to participate in one was truly insightful. Kate’s warm-hearted character immediately engaged us as she started off by humming a familiar tune, allowing her to teach us about vibration in head voice and extraction. Her wisdom gave me confidence in why certain parts of my singing might be feeling off. As I watched my peers sing, I could see a rise in confidence in each of us, as we were learning that all our voices are distinct, and we all have our own journey to achieve our desired sound. If you are a singer, I encourage you to participate or listen to a vocal masterclass, as it is an eye-opener and magical experience! Nelana F

Primary School Performances
Our Junior and Senior Voices and Senior Concert Band have been diligently preparing for our Primary School Performances taking place in September. Our ensembles are very excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to visiting our local primary schools.

On Sunday 14 August, our very own Voice Tutor - Miss Alexandra Mathew was awarded Second Prize in the 16th Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Aria Finals at Melbourne’s Deakin Edge. The RMP Aria is one of Australia’s most prestigious competitions for oratorio soloists, and singers all over the country compete in this competition. Congratulations Miss Mathew!

Upcoming Music Performances - September

Unit 4 VCE Music Night Thursday 1 September, 6pm
Our Year 12 VCE Music Performance students will perform their Unit 4 programs in the lead up to their end-of-year external performance examination. Please see the promotional poster for more information.

Rock Band Night! Friday 9 September, 7pm
We are very excited to be holding our first Rock Band Night after a three-year hiatus of live performances. Rock Band Night will feature Penola Rock Bands from across all year levels, as well as various soloists throughout the night. This is a free event, and everyone is welcome to attend. Please book your tickets via For more information please see the promotional poster.

Mrs Ramona Arney
Head of Performing Arts/Instrumental Music Coordinator


On a very chilly, miserable and wet Monday Morning, 55 eager and excited VCE Unit 3 and 4 Business Management Students, accompanied by Mrs Argyropoulos, Mrs Daniele, Ms Barton, Ms Abboud and Mrs Bottegal, gathered at the Rotunda at 10:00, to embark on a journey to the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.

A 60 minute bus journey later, through the windy Old Healesville Road, we had arrived! Given the large size of the travelling party, we were split up into three Groups to begin our tour around the facilities where our groups rotated through three activities. The activities were: Chocolate Tasting, where we tasted a selection of 12 Chocolates that are made on site and exclusive to Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, this is where we found out that they have 400 different chocolate varieties at the store! Two of the most unusual flavours we tasted was the lemon, lime and mint chocolate and the freeze dried strawberry and balsamic vinegar chocolate.

Another activity was the chocolate creation, where we were tasked with designing our own chocolate lollypop. Our creativity came to life here, but we had to be quick because the chocolate cooled very quickly. We all concentrated on creating master pieces that we could show off at home.

The third and main reason why we attended the Yarra Valley Chocolatier was a presentation from the owner. She explained to us the operations side of the business which was relevant to Unit 3 AOS 3 and also she touched on quite a few parts of Unit 4. During the presentation we found out that the Chocolate is made onsite, they try to source most of their products from their farm or locally, but sometimes especially for the chocolate they have to look overseas.

A huge bonus at the end of the three activities was that everyone was able to enjoy a free scoop of their ice cream! We were then allowed to explore the shop, the cafe and also the environment on the outside of the facilities.

An amazing excursion, heaps of fun had by all and very beneficial for our exam revision. A huge thank you on behalf of all the VCE Unit 3 and 4 Business Management Students to the Head of Humanities, Mrs Argyropoulos for all of the organisation and planning work that you did for us for our Excursion!

Angus D
School Captain


Tournament of Minds 2022
On Sunday 21 August, 2022, thirteen Year 7 and 8 students from Penola Catholic College Glenroy campus attended the Tournament of Minds competition. For the last three weeks, students worked together in teams to complete the Tournament of Minds STEM projects. The students involved were chosen to participate based on their Semester 1 results in English, Math and Science. We were lucky enough to be able to enter two teams.

Team 1

  • Lucas P 8B
  • Krystal T 8G
  • Ruby J 77B
  • Tej B 7I
  • Vuong L 7B
  • Alyzza L 8I

Team 2

  • Artemis R 8I
  • Maria L 8G
  • Amelie M 8A
  • Ryan C 8B
  • Jaede R 7H
  • Ivy L 7H
  • Melany C 7D

Tournament of Minds (TOM) is an international program designed to give participants the opportunity to participate in creative activities involving stimulating open-ended challenges, which demand experimentation and reward divergent thinking. TOM promotes learning and developing as an individual within a team structure.

Each group researched and presented a solution to the STEM challenge: Gold Rush, where they designed and built a rotating platform to display a 300g nugget of gold from different angles. The group theatrical performance was planned to the high standards of the TOM competition, including their research, scripting, props construction and contributions of all team members during the performance time of 10 minutes. Students were required to create all props, scripts, costumes etc. by themselves using only items from a set list. The resulting performance showed scientific accuracy, moments of humour and great team skills.

As teachers, we were very impressed by the dedication of the TOM students leading up to and including their performances on the day. Parents who attended were also deservedly proud of the great efforts their children had made over the last few weeks. A huge congratulations to all thirteen students for their wonderful ideas and commitment to this extension opportunity. The attached photos show both groups in action, presenting their entertaining and informative performances confidently.

This extension opportunity is part of our co-curricular program at Penola, and we look forward to increasing the range of participants next year. We are grateful for the support of Mrs. Brandon and Mrs. Tatam during this competition.

Dr Trapani and Mr. Katsahambas

Student Leadership

College Captains Report from Angus and Jordan

Leadership Assembly
The beginning of Term 3 marks the start of the process of the formation of the Student Leadership Team for the following academic year as the Student Leadership Team commences in Term 4. The 2022 Leadership Assembly took place on Friday 5 August. The Leadership Assembly was recorded prior to the day and was watched by all Year 7s – 12s in Homerooms. Our guest speaker for the Leadership Assembly was former College Captain 2001, Daniel Whykes. Daniel is the CEO of Urban Camp Melbourne with a purpose to enable young people to thrive in urban experiences. Prior to joining Urban Camp, Daniel was the General Manager of The Summit a 350 bed, 50-acre adventure park in East Gippsland. In 2019 Daniel was appointed as a Non-Executive Director for the Australian Camps Association. Daniel has proudly held employment at the Australian Open for 23 years and is the Ballkid Operations Supervisor. During this Assembly we heard the Speeches from the prospective College Vice Captains and College Captains for the 2023 academic year. As each of the candidates prepared their speeches, the College Vice Captain candidates were encouraged to consider the leadership journey of Shani Dhanda and the College Captain candidates were encouraged to consider the leadership journey of Kane Lambert. We were also treated to a Music Performance by Year 11 VCE Music Performance Student, Alannah G, she performed one of her original songs, titled “Let Her Say It”. The Academic Global Challenge Awards and Unit 3 Highest Achiever Awards were also presented.

VTAC Assembly
As we are moving through Term 3 at a rapid pace, with not much time left for the Year 12 Cohort, Friday 12 August we attended the VTAC Assembly during Pastoral lead by our Careers Coordinator, Mrs Doan. We were briefed, on what the steps are in the process for Tertiary Entry 2023, and what important deadlines are fast approaching on us! A true reminder and sign, that there is not much time left for us to go now, with many events happening and tasks we have all got to complete prior to the end of the academic year.

2023 Leadership Team Changeover
As we have now entered the final month for the 2022 Leadership Team, the process is well underway for the changeover and transition to the 2023 Leadership Team. On Tuesday 23 August, after school we met with the 2023 College Captains, Siala M and Leah M as well as Miss. Perkin for a College Captains Handover Meeting, which went really well and we are super excited for Siala and Leah to see and hear about what they can achieve in 2023, we know that they will do an amazing job! The 2023 College Vice Captains are Ava D and Aston M. The Portfolio Captains Application process is continuing, with the remaining interviews to be completed this week. All building towards the Transfer of Leadership Assembly taking place on Friday 9 September. 2023 House Captain Application process is underway too with Speeches and Voting to take place on Thursday 1 September. In addition, the Application Process has commenced for the Year 8 to 12 PSC (Penola Student Council) Members for 2023. So many events happening for the final few weeks of Term 3, we both cannot wait to see and hear about what the 2023 Leadership Team achieve, they are going to be amazing, and they will all rise and shine to the occasion!

Captain of Academic Excellence Report from Leah:

Trivia During JJAMM Week
On Friday 5 August Year 11 PSC, Cinar and myself hosted a Trivia to celebrate JJAMM Week. To begin all participants, teachers, and students, were all given the same questions from a variety of different categories including Christianity, Pop Culture, Animals, Space, etc. At the end of the general questions the individual who got the most questions correct from the teachers, and the individual who got the most questions correct from the students had to verse each other in a head-to-head battle consisting of some harder questions. It was Xavier C verse Mr Ross, and in the end, Mr Ross took the victory. It was such an amazing opportunity for individuals across Year 9 - 12 to come together as a community during JJAMM Week and participate in such a fun activity. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and a special thank you to Mrs Alberto and Andre for assisting Cinar and myself in the set-up of this activity.

Subject Selection 2023
We are nearly arriving at the 2023 Academic Year, and in preparation for this students have had the opportunity to obtain information from different initiatives that have taken place to choose their subjects. Students from Year 9 - 11 participated in a Careers Pastoral Session which provided information about how the Subject Selection process would work, and additionally provided information about opportunities to accelerate in subjects or early entry programs that could be applied for. A Careers Expo also took place and there were a variety of stands hosted by experts containing information for different VCE Studies, as well as Universities and their courses. As a result of this information, from the week starting 8 August students were provided with Subject Counselling and submitted their subjects for the following year. It has been a great success and has given every student the opportunity to thrive in their 2023 Academic Year.

Captains of Christian Service Report from Sofia and Sarah:

JJAMM Week 2022 Reflection
Many students didn’t know what JJAMM Week stood for. In effect, we created a vodcast addressing the most common questions asked by many of them.

These included the following:

  • The meaning of the acronym JJAMM
  • What takes place that week
  • The significance of Mary Mackillop’s Feast Day to our College
  • The meaning of the words ‘Feast Day’
  • Why Mary Mackillop has a Feast Day
  • Why we celebrate her Feast Day
  • Why we have the respective year level charities

There were lots of activities that took place throughout JJAMM Week. These included tree planting at the Senior Campus on Monday 1 August lunchtime with the help of our captain of sustainability Grace J, Mr Bell-Warren, some of our student leaders and volunteer students. Also, the amazing race at the Junior Campus with the help of our student leaders and year sevens that signed up to compete. On Tuesday, the students vs teachers volleyball matches took place in the ASH at Broadmeadows. It was great to see many staff members and students from all year levels play and enjoy themselves, as well as the students that acted as the audience cheering them on. On Wednesday, Jam and Krispy Kreme Donuts were sold during lunch. Fortunately, many teachers and students purchased and were finished within lunch's first half. On Thursday, games took place in the PAC court, there were many Year 11s, 12s and 10s involved which was great. Finally, on Friday Trivia at the ERC with the help of Leah M our captain of Academic Excellence and our student leaders.

Assumption Mass Reflection
The Feast of the Assumption Mass was held on 15 August in honour of the Assumption of Our Lady to heaven. It was a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church to remind us that Mary was full of grace and, as such, was assumed into heaven to be with her Son Jesus and God. All students at the Senior Campus were required to attend. The Mass began with a beautiful and joyful entrance song about Mary and her Holiness. It then proceeded to the Liturgy of the Word, where two students read the First Reading and the Responsorial Psalm. Afterwards, as accustomed at Penola, a student processed the Gospel towards the Altar and each row stood up as the Gospel passed by. After Father Tony read the Holy Gospel, he did a wonderfully explained Homily to ensure that everyone understood the Gospel. All the songs throughout the Mass were very joyful, especially the one played during Communion which featured many people from all over the world singing as one, emphasizing the importance of main our Faith. The Mass ended and everyone felt blessed to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. The students were very reverent and respectful throughout the Mass.

Mary Mackillop Feast Day Reflection
The Penola community celebrated Saint Mary Mackillop’s feast day on 8 August, in honour of our patron saint and all the good works she did during her life. The day began with a whole school mass directed by Father Tony. The Mass was different and memorable, with two students dressed as Father Tenison Woods and St Mary, and read their quotes. After the mass, each year level enjoyed the little long walk, crossing through Jack Roper’s reserve and spending time in nature. The weather was perfect on the day, the sun was like a gift from Saint Mary herself, so that we could truly enjoy her feast day. Upon returning from the walks, students then headed to all the rides including the cyclone, sizzler, dodgem cars, silent disco and other fun activities were available. Amazing performances were performed by students from rock bands, and everyone sat enjoying their snacks while they listened and cheered on their mates. Food trucks and stalls were available for students to purchase food on the day, including burgers, pizza, fish and chips, curly fries, churros, and drinks. Penola’s Got Talent took place at the end of the day, with students showing off their singing, acting, dancing and comedy talents to the judges to win one of the three gift cards on offer. Everyone had a fun time cheering on their peers and sung along to the songs. Mary Mackillop day was the highlight of this year for all year levels, truly a fun and enjoyable day to be a part of.

Year 11 Reflection Day
Year 11 reflection day was held on 12 August; a cold day perfect for a little singing indoors. Gen Bryant and her band, John, Annalise, and Nichole came in to speak to us about finding our reason in the world and trying to make a difference even if we feel that it will not solve the whole problem. They emphasized that if we can make one person happy by helping them, then we have achieved a great deal already. Gen played some songs such as Bruno Mars- Just the way you are, Geronimo by Sheppard and other very fun and famous songs. Everyone sang along and clapped to the beat. She then sung her original songs, with hand gestures and asked for volunteers to “hype up the crowd” the students who volunteered enjoyed dancing to the music and received bracelets for participation. Gen told us her story, of how she was shy and never thought she would ever be courageous enough to sing in front of a large crowd, her story was a true inspiration to many Year 11 students, microphones were passed around to hear the opinions and inputs of the students. Josh and Nicole also told us their inspirational stories, Nichole was a previous Penola student, so she spoke of her school life when she was our age, and it was very relatable and interesting. Rose from Christmas on the Streets came and spoke to us about how she started her charity, and how she started asking her friends to join, then later many people began to join in helping the homeless in the city. She told us of the story of the homeless man who because of a haircut COTS provided him, he found himself again and got a job. For recess, all students were given cup noodles, as this is a common food eaten by homeless people. For lunch, students had sandwiches and a brownie. Many students reflected on all that they were told and took inspiration to truly try to make a difference in someone’s life in a positive way, even if it was a small difference.

Captain of Performing Arts Report from Nelana:

Recently at Penola we’ve had many musical performances and talents searches throughout the week. During JJAMM week the Performing Arts foyer was open to performances form the Year 12 Rock Band, Ella D’s beautiful voice and Nelana F sharing a musical song! It was a great lunchtime as maroon and blue blazers gathered to listen to the jamming in the courtyard. The Year 12 rock band also performed on Mary Mackillop Day alongside the Year 11 bands. Penola’s Got Talent kicked off in the auditorium at the end of the day with Andre M hosting the event, alongside myself (Nelana Captain of Performing Arts). The results for the winners of Penola’s got talent are:

  • 1st Place Tiana L with her beautiful piano playing
  • 2nd Place Alannah G performing an original song
  • 3rd Georgia C who took courage to the stage with her Titanium dance

I have also been given the chance to start a Drama club where senior production and non-production students have been working on a play that we are writing ourselves. These lunchtime rehearsals also now include a dance club, where alongside Miss Dalli we are choreography a very special tribute. Keep a lookout for our performances as you may possibly see our original pieces at the next Variety Night!

Captains of Sport Report from Joulia and Tara:

SACCSS Intermediate Girls AFL Report from Ms. Ennor
On Thursday 4 August, a group of enthusiastic Year 9 and 10 girls travelled to Wyndhamvale for the annual SACCSS Intermediate Girls’ Footy competition. The day consisted of a Round Robin tournament, where the girls played four 12-minute half games. With the standard of the competition getting stronger every year, we knew winning the title was going to be no easy task.

Our first match was against Kolbe, and we quickly swung into action. Led superbly by our Co-captains Sarah and Montana, we were able to kick a couple of early goals before finishing the match 30-point winners. The second match was against a tougher opponent in CRC Melton. The game was a tight tussle with limited scoring opportunities; however, we were able to hold on for an 8-point win. Our third game, which was played against CRC St Albans was slightly easier, as we were able to use the wind to our advantage and win by 33 points. After a well-deserved break for our Bye round, we finished the fixtured matches against Thomas Carr with a 7-pint win to qualify for the Grand Final and play CRC Melton.

Whilst undefeated and not having a point scored against us throughout the qualifying rounds, we were under no illusions to the challenge we faced to win the Grand Final.

The game started as expected as a tough contest. A few missed opportunities from Penola CC allowed CRC Melton to score the first goal of the match. However, to everyone’s credit, we were able to rally, with some great teamwork leading to a Hannah goal that put us in front. From there we gained the momentum, and we were able to stay in front for the remainder of the game running out 21-6 winners. Hannah finished with three goals, while Montana was judged best afield by the Umpires.

Congratulations to all involved as it took a team effort to win. The standard of footy throughout the day was exceptional and a joy to watch and we appreciate the commitment of all the girls who took part. Thanks also to Mr Davies for assisting with coaching.

Looking forward to watching more female footy success at Penola CC in the future

Year 9 Premier League
Round Four of the Year 9 Premier League Season took place on Wednesday3 August, fabulous efforts from all those who got involved. Below is the list of Results and the Most Valuable Player from each team:





Boys AFL

CRC Caroline Springs

Lost 25-87

Remy F

Boys Basketball

CRC Caroline Springs

Lost 24-67

Rilley D

Girls Basketball

CRC Caroline Springs

Lost 20-23

Gurleen K

Boys Soccer

CRC Caroline Springs

Lost 2-7

Bradley M

Girls Soccer

CRC Caroline Springs

Won 1-0

Jayda S

Boys Volleyball

CRC Caroline Springs

Lost 0-3

Cong P

Girls Volleyball

CRC Caroline Springs

Won 3-0

Mariam M


CRC Caroline Springs

Lost 5-38

Georgia C

Round Five of the Year 9 Premier League Season took place on Wednesday 10 August, magnificent efforts from all those who got involved. Below is the list of Results and the Most Valuable Player from each team:





Boys AFL


Lost 1.1.7 - 13.15.93

Ned C

Boys Basketball

CRC North Keilor

Lost 24-33

Samuel P

Girls Basketball

CRC North Keilor

Lost 29-31

Charlotte P

Boys Soccer

CRC North Keilor

Lost 2-8

Alex A

Girls Soccer

CRC North Keilor

Won 2-1

Sienna A

Boys Volleyball

CRC North Keilor

Lost 2-3

Krish G

Girls Volleyball

CRC North Keilor

Lost 0-3

Rhianna N



Lost 7-47

Evelyn W

The Seventh and Final Round of the Year 9 Premier League Season for 2022 took place on Wednesday24 August, where we hosted Salesian, Marymede and Kolbe for the afternoon fixtures, spectacular team efforts from all the teams to conclude the Season for 2022! Below is the list of Results and the Most Valuable Player from each team:





Boys AFL


Lost 0.3.3 – 19.9.123

Team Effort

Boys Basketball


Lost 36-47

Team Effort

Girls Basketball


Lost 26-42

Leah S

Boys Soccer


Won on forfeit

Girls Soccer


Drew 0 -0

Team Effort

Boys Volleyball


Lost 1-3

Krish G

Girls Volleyball


Lost 2-3

Savinah M



Lost 7- 63

Alex D

A huge Congratulations and Best of Luck to the following Teams who have advanced to the Semi Finals:

  • Boys Basketball Team coached by Mr. Daniel De Angelis who will be taking on CRC Caroline Springs
  • Girls Basketball Team coached by Ms. Erin Bonavia and Mrs Katherine Jones who will be taking on CRC North Keilor
  • Girls Soccer Team coached by Miss. Sarah Singarella who will be taking on Emmanuel
  • Girls Volleyball Team coached by Mrs. Jen Doan who will be taking on CRC Caroline Springs

SACCSS Senior Boys and Girls Basketball Reports from Mr. Woodburn and Mrs. Jones

Round 1 Senior Boys Basketball

There was a scent of mystery in the air about what Round 1 would behold for the SACCSS Senior Boys Basketball Team as they entered a hard-fought match against Thomas Carr College. Penola were caught off guard in the first half against a highly talented opposition which saw them trailing at the main break by 20 points. Some solid second half offensive and defensive efforts from Penola saw a minimisation of damage, with Anthony L and Lucas P leading the charge. Results saw an unfortunate loss to Penola being defeated by Thomas Carr with a score line of 39 – 59.

Round 2 Senior Boys Basketball
A high energy effort for Penola’s SACCSS Senior Boys Basketball Team was fueled by a disappointing Round 1 result. The team came into Round 2 Vs CRC Sydenham with an attitude that would accept nothing less than a win. This was another competitive match against talented opposition with a 3-point scoring prowess. Penola’s defensive dominance gradually wore down CRC Sydenham in the second half. Some total domination from AJ M, along with some slick moves from Mason M and 3-point accuracy from Rhyce P saw Penola take the win with a final score of 70 – 53.

Round 1 Senior Girls Basketball
The Senior Girls basketball team headed out to Thomas Carr for their round one game of the competition. We were under man with only five girls available, but the five girls played with commitment and determination to take it up to the Thomas Carr team early and get a break. The Thomas Carr team came back, and scores were level at the half time break. In the second half of the game the girls played with patience and clever tactics to retain possession of the ball and a few strong drives to the basket by Aimee allowed for the Penola team to have a strong lead and finish with a win.

Round 3 Senior Boys Basketball
Round 3 of the SACCSS Senior Basketball Season saw the Penola boys take on Salesian at home. A hard-fought match on both ends of the court resulted in a neck-a-neck battle throughout all four quarters. Some defensive brilliance from Lewis N and some offensive prowess from AJ M and Mason M pushed Penola over the line to take their second win of the season with a final score of 54 – 48.

Round 3 Senior Girls Basketball
Round 3 of the SACCSS Senior Girls Basketball Season saw the Penola girls host CRC Melton. A terrific team effort over the four quarter with Penola coming away victors by 11 points with the final score been 41 – 30.

Round 4 Senior Girls Basketball
Round 4 of the SACCSS Senior Girls Basketball Season saw the Penola girls make the trip to Greenvale to take on our neighbours Kolbe! From the onset, Kolbe were a great challenge and highly skillful throughout, tough day for Penola, as the girls went down by 43 point 66 – 23.

Self Defence Classes
On Thursday 11 and 18 August, multiple students from Years 9-12 participated in two self-defence classes in the ASH, instructed by Halls Taekwondo in Tullamarine. During these two lessons, students learned how to defend themselves when placed in a difficult situation out on the streets; learning different strikes, kicks as well as attitudes. This was a very fun and engaging program for those involved and we hope to gain more participation each year as we proceed with the program. We thank Halls Taekwondo for teaching us these useful skills for everyday life and wish to continue with the program in the following years to come.

Josephite Exchange Report from Kelly G (11K)
On 26 and 26 August I was lucky enough to participate in the Josephite Exchange. We flew over to Adelaide very early Thursday morning, the first day we played Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and Table Tennis. Thursday night we had dinner with the students from Mt. Carmel, we played games, Kahoot’s and made new friends. Friday, we started off with AFL followed by Ultimate Frisbee and then Soccer as well as debate competitions. Before we left each school was awarded an MVP for each sport. Overall Mt Carmel came out on top 3 Games to 11 Games, nevertheless we all had so much fun! A huge Congratulations and well done to the following Students who were awarded the Josephite Medal and Most Valuable Player Medals over the trip:

  • Josephite Medal: Hannah A
  • Soccer: Hannah A
  • AFL: Sophie W
  • Basketball: Samuel L and Aimee F
  • Debating: Olivia C
  • Volleyball: Anthony M and Sophie W
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Jordan A
  • Netball: Savannah B, Kelly G and Ryan N

SACCSS Athletics Report from Grace J (11)
On Monday 29 August a bus full of students departed for Albert Park athletics track. Once they arrived it was an action-packed day full of running, jumping, and throwing, dampened only by the wet weather. We had students competing in just about every event, and almost as many placing in the top three. By the end of the day Penola had collected a variety of ribbons, medals, and assorted accolades, with three students being awarded best performance for their age group: Lucas B (16-Year-Old Boys), Grace J (16-Year-Old Girls), and AJ M (17–20-Year-Old Boys). A huge Congratulations also to the Junior Students who participated on the day as Penola was awarded Junior Aggregate Champion! Placing much higher overall than previous years, Penola staff and students headed on home with smiles on their faces, pride in their chests, and water in their shoes.

Race Around Penola
On the Second Day of Health and PE Week, Tuesday 30 August the activity “Race Around Penola” took place which consisted of completing a range of activities in different locations within the School. Starting off in the FASH with 10 Push Ups, 10 Sit Ups and 10 Star Jumps once the students completed this they had to run to Northern Oval to kick for 3 goals then run towards the ASH to 3-point throw. Congratulations to Jaden B (10D) on winning this activity and thanks to all the other students who participated.


French Club
The French Club runs every Thursday at lunchtime in N001 on the Broadmeadows Campus. Students are able to practice their speaking skills, get some extra help with homework or play some board games in French.

Art Club
Students and Staff, looking to explore your artistic side in an inclusive and fun environment? Then come flex your creative skills in Art Club and get involved in weekly projects and challenges across a number of art forms, including drawing and painting.
Join Mr Jacuta in NOL002 lunchtimes on Tuesday. All materials included. Numbers will be limited.

Esports Club at Glenroy
The Esports Club is held on Friday lunchtimes in at the Glenroy campus. This semester, the games on offer include Rocket League, Just Dance and Mario Cart.

Females in Apprenticeships

Broadmeadows Kangan Institute are hosting a Q&A Night for female students who are wanting to learn more about trades and apprenticeships.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for students to hear from employers about local apprenticeship opportunities, career practitioners about pathways, and inspirational tradeswomen about their journeys.

Where: Broadmeadows Kangan Institute, or Online via Zoom

When: Tuesday the 6th September 2022, 6-8:00pm

Who is invited: Females who want to learn more about apprenticeships, as well as family and any other supporters

There will be sandwiches, wraps and drinks provided.

How to register:

If you have any queries, please contact Courteney Munn: 0457 250 554

PCC Newsletter Volume 13 - 01 Sep. 2022