From the Principal - Mr Chris Caldow Vol 14

College Captains
I am pleased to be able to announce Angus Drenen and Jordan Gioskos as our 2022 College Captains and Siala Maelasi and Melwin Edwin as our 2022 College Vice-Captains. Thanks to Liz Perkin for all of her work with these students and running the election process for our College Captains. The Transfer of Leadership will take place at our final College Assembly on Monday 18 October.

GAT rescheduled and Lockdown extended
The General Achievement Test (GAT) was scheduled for Thursday 9 September and has now been rescheduled to Tuesday 5 October. Year 12 VCE students and Year 11 students studying at Units 3 and 4 level will be given priority access to vaccines in the lead up to this day. I encourage all of our senior students to prioritise getting vaccinated as soon as possible. Premier Daniel Andrews also confirmed face-to-face learning would not return for Term 3, with a “detailed plan” for what Term 4 will look like to be delivered next week.

Information from MACS regarding Vaccines

Students eligible for vaccination
As part of the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, more Victorian school students are now eligible to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. All students aged 16 and older can now book a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at state vaccination centres. The Victorian Government aims to vaccinate all final year students by the time they sit their end-of-year exams. Final year students are therefore urged to immediately make an appointment to receive a vaccine by following the instructions under the heading ‘How to book an appointment’ below.

The state vaccination centres have recently had their capacity increased to support Victoria’s drive to administer 1 million doses of the vaccine by 19 September. Students will be supported in every way possible to be vaccinated before the examinations begin. Students completing their final year are particularly asked to book an appointment as soon as possible to support the safe conduct of examinations. As their parent/guardian, I encourage you to help them to book and if needed, support them to attend their appointment.

Final year students are asked to consider getting their first vaccine before the GAT on Tuesday 5 October. In addition, it’s recommended not to get the vaccine on the day of an exam, or the day before an exam to avoid feeling common but mild side effects such as tiredness, headache, muscle pain, fever and chills and/or joint pain during your exam.

Students can book their own appointment and consent to vaccination themselves if the health professional assesses them to be a mature minor.

How to book an appointment
To book an appointment, visit or contact the Coronavirus Hotline by phoning 1800 675 398. To find a vaccination centre and opening times, visit

From 30 August, people aged 16-39 can get their COVID-19 vaccine at a doctor’s clinic, pharmacy or community health service through the Australian Government Eligibility Checker. You can book your appointment online or by calling the vaccine provider nearest to you.

What to bring
Bring these things, if you have them;

  • A face mask
  • Any emails about your vaccination appointment (on your phone or printed)
  • Photo identification, if you have one, such as a passport or driver’s licence
  • A Medicare card or Individual Healthcare Identifier number

For more information about eligibility, visit or use the Australian Government’s COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker.

For further assistance, contact:

  • The Department of Health Coronavirus hotline: 1800 675 398
  • The National Coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccine helpline: 1800 020 080.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.

Year 12 Trial Exams
Given the extended lockdown we have made the decision to postpone Year 12 Trial Exams that were scheduled for the second week of the upcoming holidays. At this stage many staff are yet to complete Unit 4 content and it would be unfair to attempt the trial exams until all of the coursework has been taught. In all likelihood, we will utilise this time for either final assessments or additional classes depending on the conditions at the time. The trial exams will be conducted in the first few weeks of Term 4 in the current double lessons in each class when we are hopefully back to face to face learning.

Year 12 Graduation
In light of current COVID-19 restrictions it seems quite unlikely that 1000 people are going to be able to gather collectively to celebrate our Graduation Mass and Graduation Dinner. As such we have come up with alternatives so that we can formally recognise this significant milestone for our current Year 12 students. In essence we are planning to conduct some form of liturgy and graduation ceremony for each homeroom which will be livestreamed to enable peers, staff and our wider community to be involved in the process. Obviously, it will be in line with any restrictions that are in place at that particular time to ensure the safety of all involved. We have several different plans depending upon the restrictions that are in place.

Wellbeing Day- Wednesday 1 September
Wednesday 1 September was Student Free day and a Wellbeing Day for both staff and students. This day was already in the calendar as a student-free day, but we decided to have a Wellbeing Day to give both staff and students a reprieve from screens. This mid-term break allowed staff, students, and families time to reflect on what they have achieved to date and prepare for what lies ahead. We hope the day provided you with an opportunity to spend quality time resting and time to relax.

Year 7 Enrolments 2023
A reminder to all of our existing families that Year 7 enrolments for 2023 closed on Friday 20 August. A number of families applied after the close of enrolment last year and it makes it very difficult to accurately plan for the following year, so I ask that you submit your enrolment as soon as possible. Often families assume that we know that there is a younger sibling, but I would be very disappointed if one of our existing families missed out on an enrolment due to not submitting their enrolment in a timely manner.

Year 11 & 12 Practical Assessments (Students coming onsite)
Performing Arts studies have been prioritised due to performance examination starting on Monday 4 October, 2021.

Permitted Essential Assessment for attendance onsite from Monday 30 August, 2021 in Performing Arts studies at Unit 3/4 level only;

  • Dance
  • Dance (VCE VET)
  • Drama
  • Music Performance
  • Music Investigation
  • Music Performance (VCE VET)
  • Theatre Studies

Attendance onsite is restricted strictly to those participating in essential assessments for these studies where they cannot be conducted remotely.

The VCAA are aware of the significant challenges and acknowledge the practical requirements in other studies, and plan to progressively add studies with practical assessment requirements that can only be completed onsite as soon as possible. This will be determined on the advice of the Chief Health Officer.
Other studies considered a priority include Science studies with practical components, Visual Arts, Design and Technologies as well as VCE and VCAL students enrolled in VET programs that require significant practical learning and assessment.

Due to the number of mystery cases in the community and the large number of young people impacted in this outbreak, additional public health measures for Victorian students undergoing onsite assessments this week will be in place.

The Health Controls include;

  • For assessments on site on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday the preference is for students to have a COVID-19 test prior to attending onsite, if possible. If this is not possible, students must be tested immediately after being onsite (and no later than 48 hours after).
  • For students with assessments onsite from Thursday/Friday this week, must be tested in the 72 hours before attending onsite for assessments.
  • Evidence of a negative test result is not required before the assessment but must be provided to the school on request. Students can attend the assessment with their test result still pending but must advise the school immediately if they subsequently receive a positive result. This asymptomatic, surveillance testing approach is one currently used during outbreak periods and as such, students are not required to isolate after they get tested while they wait for their result.
  • All Permitted Essential Assessments to be conducted onsite are capped at a maximum of 10 participants per session.

Students will report to Reception upon arrival at the Broadmeadows Campus where they will sign in. The current schedule is listed below but, is likely to change if Arts, Technology, Science and VET subjects are approved to be onsite.







Music (Practice)


8 September

11.00am– 1.00pm


Ms Tania Hatherell

Music (Practice)


9 September

1.30pm– 3.00pm


Ms Tania Hatherell

Music (SAC)


10 September




Ms Tania Hatherell

Music (SAC)


15 September

11.00am– 1.00pm


Ms Tania Hatherell

Music (SAC)


17 September

12.00pm– 1.00pm


Ms Tania Hatherell

Father’s Day Mass
Tomorrow morning, Friday 3 September, we will be livestreaming our annual Fathers’ Day Mass. This will take place during Friday’s Period 1 Pastoral Period (8.53am to 9.43am). I invite fathers to view the Mass with their children. Ms Daniela Bombardieri-Szabo will publish the link on MyPenola prior to this time in readiness for everyone to join.

Father’s Day
In our setting – a coeducational school in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs, we are ever conscious of the impact we, as adults have on our young people. The influence that parents have on shaping their children is paramount and the second greatest influence usually comes from the teachers that young people have during their schooling. The opportunity to bring Dads and their children together is something which the College values enormously.

The evidence suggests that as Dads, we must ensure that we do find time to be with our sons and daughters and to take an active and genuinely interested role in their lives. I hope that all our Dads and families will enjoy the upcoming Fathers’ Day this Sunday.

I have been fortunate to have my father be a strong and positive influence throughout my entire life. My father is from the era where men were seen as the provider and nurturing children was seen as the mother’s role. My father, whilst an extremely intelligent man, left school at the age of 15 to begin an apprenticeship as a butcher. Unfortunately, he lost both of his parents within a 6 month period whilst he was still aged 14. As a result, Dad always found it difficult to express his emotions particularly love. That is not to say that he didn’t love me or my siblings he just wouldn’t say it. He demonstrated his love on a regular basis to all within the family but found it difficult to say. Fortunately, with the addition of grandchildren, he has become much better at verbally expressing his love. This is something that I am conscious of with both my son and daughter, and I try to express my love to them daily. Sometimes too regularly if you ask them!

I have included a reflection given by a staff member previously as there is a truth within the reflection that resonated with me.


When I was 4 years old, I thought, “My Daddy can do anything.”

When I was 5 years old, I told my friends, “My Daddy knows a whole lot.”

When I was 6 years old, I told my best friend, “My Dad is smarter than your Dad.”

When I was 8 years old, I thought, “My Dad doesn’t know exactly everything.”

When I was 10 years old, I thought, “In the olden days when my Dad grew up, things were sure different.”

When I was 12 years old, I told myself, “Well, naturally, Dad doesn’t know anything about that. He is too old to remember his childhood.”

When I was 14 years old, I told my friends, “Don’t pay any attention to my Father. He is so old fashioned.”

When I was 21 years old, I said of my father, “Him? My Lord, he’s hopelessly out of date.”

When I was 25 years old, I thought, “Dad knows a little bit about it, but he should he has been around for so long.”

When I was 30 years old, I said to my friends, “Maybe we should ask Dad what he thinks. After all he has had a lot of experience.”

When I was 40 years old my mantra was: “I’m not doing a single thing until I talk to Dad.”

When I was 50 years old, I would ask myself, “I wonder how Dad would handle this? He is so wise and has a world of experience.”

When I was 60 years old, I said to myself, “I’d give anything if Dad were here now so I could talk this over with him. Too bad I didn’t appreciate how smart he was. I could have learnt a lot from him.”

From the Head of Campus Glenroy - Mr Stuart Harrison Vol 14

As announced by our Premier Daniel Andrews yesterday we will be continuing in the remote learning space for the rest of the term. While this is not ideal, we know the students will be resilient in adapting to the continuation of remote learning and will be supported by staff.

National Child Protection Week
This year’s National Child Protection Week will take place from Sunday 5 September to Saturday 11 September. National Child Protection Week raises awareness about the community’s collective responsibility for the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people. For Catholic schools, this provides an opportunity to emphasise their strong commitment to the safety and wellbeing of young people in their care, and the important role they play in creating nurturing environments at school, online, at home and in the community.

The eSafety Commissioner have developed a series of activities for people of all ages to get involved
during National Child Protection Week, including:

The Catholic Church in Australia will mark Safeguarding Sunday (formerly known as Child Protection
Sunday) on Sunday 12 September, 2021 at the conclusion of National Child Protection Week. A number of related resources for liturgical celebrations are available here.

Acknowledging Engaging Students
We will be acknowledging Year 7 and 8 students who have continued to work and remain engaged during the lockdown. Teachers will be nominating one student per class every week for the next 3 weeks. The names will go into a draw and 5 students will be drawn per year level every week and they will receive a $25 UberEats voucher. All of the nominated students will receive a certificate recognising their positive engagement.

From the Acting Head of Campus Broadmeadows - Mrs Liviana Daniele Vol 14

Year 12 Parent Information Night
A reminder that tonight we have our Year 12 parent information night starting at 6.15pm being run by our year 12 coordinators Mr Reynolds and Mrs Prescott. We encourage Year 12 parents and guardians to please watch the vodcast sent out via operoo outlining important agenda items such as exam preparation, selecting courses for 2022 via VTAC, and the Year 12 Appreciation Week. Then use the link provided via operoo to join tonight’s session where you can ask questions about important information regarding the final weeks of Year 12 for your son/daughter. We are looking forward to speaking to the Year 12 parents and guardians tonight.

Revision Master Classes for Year 12s
Please be aware that the Melbourne University Masterclasses will run again on the following dates and times at Penola for our Year 12 students.

At this stage the plan is that the revision lectures will be conducted online due to COVID restrictions. Please see below for session dates and times;

  • Tuesday 7 September 2.30pm (early leave day Year 12): Further Maths
  • Wednesday 8 September 3.30pm: Psychology
  • Thursday 9 September 3.30 pm: Specialists Maths
  • Friday 10 September 3.30 pm: Maths Methods
  • Tuesday 14 September 2.30pm (early leave day): Physics
  • Wednesday 15 September 3.30pm: Biology
  • Thursday 16 September 3.30pm: Chemistry

All sessions are run after school or outside of timetabled classes for Year 12s. Please encourage your son/daughter to access this free service provided by the University of Melbourne.

Technology Resources Prepared for Students
I would like to thank Mr John Paul Head of Technology and the Technology staff for organising packs to be sent home to students that will allow them to participate in their practical subjects even while in remote learning. Packs for Year 9 and Year 10 Textiles were prepared and sent home so students can still do practical work during remote learning. This is yet another way in which our staff are trying to ensure students are supported by encouraging motivation and participation in their learning program during the current lockdown.

Remote Learning
As announced by our Premier Daniel Andrews the lockdown for our students will continue and remote learning will be extended beyond this week. As we continue our remote learning and teaching we encourage parents and guardians to stay positive and continue to support your child to engage in their academic program. Practicing positive self-talk is a way in which we can address the limiting beliefs that students communicate about their inability to learn and participate during remote learning. By modelling positive self-talk with your child, it allows them to internalise what is being suggested keeping their thoughts and focus positive. Some simple examples of how you could engage in positive talk with your child is to use phrases such as ‘Today is going to be a good day’ or ‘You can do this’ when they are faced with a challenging task. For further benefits and strategies of positive self-talk Click here.

Child Protection Week 5 – 11 September Parent Webinar
The eSafety commission are offering free parent and guardian webinars during Child Protection Week. The webinar on a guide to online sexual harassment and image-based abuse is designed for parents and carers of young people aged 13-18. The Webinar will cover:

  • The difference between online sexual harassment and image-based abuse
  • How to report online sexual harassment to social media companies
  • How to report image-based abuse to eSafety and when to report to police
  • Where to get support if you feel upset or worried about something that has happened online.

You can choose to attend the webinar with your teen or share resources with them afterwards from the webinar package.

Dates and Times

  • Tuesday 7 September 12.30 to 1.30pm
  • Thursday 9 September 12.30 to 1.30pm

Click Here to Register

From the Head of Faith & Mission - Mr Robert Dullard Vol 14

Fathers’ Day Mass, Friday 3 September – 8.53 am

Tomorrow morning, Friday 3 September, we will be celebrating our annual Fathers’ Day Mass. Usually, this would be celebrated on-site at school as the lead into our Fathers’ Day Breakfast and Guest Speaker. Unfortunately, this year, due to our lockdown restrictions, it is not possible to have our breakfast, however, we will still livestream our Fathers’ Day Mass to the whole College Community. The Mass will be celebrated by Fr Tony Cox, our College Chaplin and will take place during Period 1, commencing at 8.53am.

We invite all parents, especially the fathers within our community, to view the Mass with their child during this time. It promises to be a beautiful liturgy and is the most perfect way that we, as a Catholic school community, can pay tribute to Fathers.

Directly following Mass, we will be spinning our famous Fathers’ Day Wheel for some opportunities to win a Fathers’ Day Breakfast for the family.

A link will be provided via MyPenola and Facebook at 8.30am tomorrow morning in order for everyone to access our Eucharist. If you are unable to join us live for our Mass, you will be able to access the link and view the recording at your convenience over the weekend.


Being in the extended lockdown is certainly a challenge. Please have a look at the Black Dog Institute website for some tips and strategies to look after yourselves and your families.

Here are some links to get you started:

Your College counsellors have also provided information on MyPenola that may be useful to you and your children during this time. Please go to Student Support and Enhancement Services on the left of the page, then click on Your Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Learning at Penola

Debate Teams
Here at Penola Catholic College students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities. Our students often report how important these opportunities are and how much positivity they add to the vibrant Penola educational experience. We extend our gratitude to Mrs Maria Alberto for her dedication and generosity in coaching our debating teams.

Please read Mrs Alberto’s reflection below.

I am proud to report that two of Penola’s debate teams competed in the preliminary round of the Victorian debating finals. While Penola did not walk away with a victory, our students are to be commended for presenting sophisticated arguments, developing effective rebuttals and, overall, putting up a good fight!

The Year 9s competed against Carey Grammar and argued that video games are harmful to children. They prepared thoroughly and it was impressive to hear the facts and statistics they uncovered in their research.

The Year 11s competed against St Mary’s Grammar and were presented with the secret topic only one hour before the debate. The students argued that ‘offensive art should be banned’ and were able to construct a strong line in defence of children’s innocence.

I would like to acknowledge and congratulate the students who competed:

  • Alisha Neupane
  • Isla Rousakis
  • Carlos Bedaweed
  • Joulia Youkhana
  • James Jorgensen
  • Larissa Kimungui

The students’ strong performance reflected the effort and dedication they have demonstrated throughout the year. They have committed to weekly lunchtime meetings, training sessions and have competed in five earlier rounds which were all held outside of school hours. This should instil a great sense of pride within the students themselves, and within the whole Penola community.

It has been a joy to witness students grow in confidence and skill through the competition. I encourage them all to continue with this activity next year, and hope that we also see many new faces on the Penola team.

Mrs Alberto

Thank you to all parents and students who attended our virtual VCAL Information Night. Lead by our Head of VCAL, Mr Daniel Catoggio, and supported by our Careers and VET Coordinator- Mr Terry McGann specific queries in relation to applied learning and vocational education were addressed. Our Principal, Mr Chris Caldow and Acting Head of Campus, Mrs Liviana Daniele also discussed funding for courses and the expected learning attributes required to engage in classes at the Broadmeadows Campus, TAFE requirements and work placement. All VCAL applications must be submitted no later than Sunday 5 September.

Year 12 Trial Examinations
Year 12 Trial Examinations were scheduled for the second week of the forthcoming term break, however, given the current lockdown restrictions these will likely take place during Week 1 of Term 4. Students will have the benefit of additional time in the lead up to this important assessment experience. Trial examinations allow students to identify areas of strength and areas requiring further development. Armed with feedback from subject teachers, students will be able to adjust their revision program to suit their needs. Additionally, pending health advice, we may be in a position to conduct outstanding SACs during Week 2 of the term break. Students will be advised of specific details in due course.

2022 Laptop Forms

A reminder to all parents of current Year 9, 10 and 11 students that the 2022 laptop form and payment are required to be returned to the College by Friday 17 September

They can be returned by post or email


PCC Newsletter Volume 14 - 02 Sep. 2021