From the Principal - Mr Chris Caldow Vol 6

Dear Members of the Penola Catholic College community,

We celebrated ANZAC Day last Monday, where we commemorate the landing of members of the 1st Australian Imperial Force (AIF) on the shores of the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey on 25 April 1915. For Australians the day carries enormous and solemn significance because it is the day on which we remember and pray for all those who have died in the service of our country, and we remember also those who served in the defence forces in the very many conflicts and peace-keeping missions in which our country has been involved. We acknowledged ANZAC Day at our respective Campus Assemblies on Tuesday 26 April, 2022. We pray for the honoured dead whose sacrifice and memory remain so dear to us.

The Gallipoli campaign was but one chapter in a terrible war that cost millions of lives and was dubbed at its conclusion as “the war to end all wars”. We know it today as the First World War, and we are also well aware that many wars and conflicts have since followed. Those who have been to war know full well of its horrors, and upon their return speak mostly of the sacrifices of their comrades and the cause of peace. As we pray for the dead, and all those who were injured or whose lives were deeply affected by war, let us pray also for peace in our world. Let us give thanks for the great privilege of living in land that is relatively peaceful and let us do all that we can to ensure that all people are able to live in freedom and peace.

Student Free Days - Thursday Afternoon 12 May and All-day Friday 13 May
An upgrade is required to update Synergetic the College (Administration Software package) and availability for the upgrade will take place Thursday 12 May at 1.00pm. As a result, both Synergetic and MyPenola will be unavailable from 1.00pm. We have decided to make the afternoon Student Free to allow two different things to take place.

  • Leadership staff to have a professional learning session with Matthew Willie from Education 360 regarding our Data Dashboards.
  • Teaching staff will have an opportunity to meet in their CPT groups to work on the next Rapid Action Plan on researching explicit teaching approaches of key skills and knowledge and determining how this will be evaluated.

Bell times for Thursday, 12 May


8.40am – 8.50 am

Period 1

8.52am – 9.41am

Period 2

9.43am -10.32am


10.32am – 10.52am

Period 3

10. 53am – 11.32am

Period 4

11.34am – 12.23am


12.23pm – 12.58pm

Staff Changes for Term 2
Welcome to the following staff who have been appointed in the past fortnight.

  • Welcome to Julie Armstrong who joins us from University High
  • Mrs Adriana MacKinnon has reduced her fraction to 0.4FTE and will be working on Mondays and Tuesdays only to allow herself more time to care for her parents. Adriana will teach her Year 10RE class period 2 on Mondays and her Year 9RE class period 5 on Wednesdays. Ms Olympia Kangalis will pick up her other Years 9 & 10 RE classes and Ms Soula Argyropoulos will take over Adriana’s Year 11 Business Management classes. My thanks to both Olympia and Soula for agreeing to these changes.
  • Welcome back to Ms Tuyet Ta after taking Long Service Leave for Term 1.
  • Welcome back also to Ms Di Farah who also returns after taking Long Service Leave for Term 1.
  • Welcome back to Ms Gen Leaney who resumes with us 2 days a week. Welcome back to Maryann Darmenia and Julie Lyons who return after time off in Term One.

Mother’s Day Friday 6 May
This term we will again mark Mother’s Day with Mass at 7.15am in St Joseph’s Chapel at the Broadmeadows campus followed by breakfast in the Assembly and Sports Hall (ASH) from 7.45am. I encourage you to come along, particularly our mothers, as we acknowledge the special contribution that you make to your son or daughter’s life. The early morning start has never been a barrier to high levels of engagement and joy from our families. We will be running a bus from the Broadmeadows campus to Glenroy at the conclusion of the activities.

We will also livestream the Mass so that all members of the community, especially mothers and grandmothers, can join in from home, if this is more convenient for them. The link to the Mass will be sent out prior to the Mass later next week.

Best wishes to all mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers for a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday.

NAPLAN Testing
Next week students in years 7 & 9 will participate in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy. This program is conducted by the Australian Government through its agency, ACARA, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority. The tests provide useful information to students, parents and schools in terms of student capabilities and areas for improvement. Parents who have any queries in relation to the tests are invited to contact Mrs Sandra Warren at the Glenroy campus, or Mrs Vera Treloar at the Broadmeadows campus. The schedule is shown below.

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews
Our next round of Parent/Teacher/Student interviews take place on Thursday 26 May from 3.00pm – 8.30pm with a dinner break in this time as well. This will take place via Teams which enables both staff and families to enjoy the interviews within the comfort of their own homes as the winter weather kicks in. I have been heartened by the numbers of parents who have been attending our interviews and taking an active role in the learning of their children. Research indicates that parents who take an active role in their child’s education results in significantly better outcomes for these students. Your son or daughter notices whether you attend these interviews, whether you are taking an interest in what they are doing and whether you think learning is important. Parents act as role models in so many areas of a child’s life and their beliefs about education and the importance of learning are vital.

Best wishes to all students, staff, and families for a successful second term.

All-loving God, we give you thanks and praise for mothers young and old.

We pray for young mothers, who give life and count toes and tend to our every need.

May they be blessed with patience and tenderness to care for their families and themselves with great joy.

We pray for our own mothers who have nurtured and cared for us.

May they continue to guide us in strong and gentle ways.

We remember mothers who are separated from their children because of war, poverty, or conflict.

May they feel the loving embrace of our God who wipes every tear away.

We pray for women who are not mothers but still love and shape us with motherly care and compassion.

We remember mothers. grandmothers, and great-grandmothers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and nourish us with their love.


God Bless,
Chris Caldow

From the Head of Campus Glenroy - Mr Stuart Harrison Vol 6

Welcome to Term 2 I hope you have managed to have time with family and friends over the Easter break.

College Planners
The Resilience Planners are a new initiative for the college this year and so can I please encourage our parents and care givers about regularly checking their child’s planner to ensure they are writing their homework, study, or any due assignments.

While students can wear either their full winter or full summer uniform, it is an expectation that they wear their college blazer to and from school during Term 2 & 3. Students have been asked to wear their blazer to homeroom every morning to ensure this is taking place.

Year 8 Reflection Day
On Tuesday Father Rob Galea and the Penola Catholic College Faith and Mission Team lead the Year 8 Reflection Day at the Broadmeadows Campus. Year 8 students spent time looking at their faith through a different lens and spent time reflecting on their own faith and life.

On the week beginning the 9th of May the Year 7 students will be partaking in NAPLAN testing over the two weeks. This year NAPLAN testing will be completed online in class in the following times:

  • 10 May- Reading Period 1 & 2
  • 12 May - Writing Period 1 & 2
  • 16 May - Conventions of Language Period 1 & 2
  • 18 May – Numeracy Period 1 & 2

From the Head of Campus Broadmeadows - Ms Erin Bonavia Vol 6

I hope all families had a happy Easter. Overall, the senior campus students have made a positive start to Term 2.

On the first day back we commemorated ANZAC Day with a ceremony presented by our College student leaders. The level of respect shown by the students was terrific and wonderful to witness.

Re-set for Term 2
Following the ANZAC Day Assembly I spoke to the students about reflecting on what went well in term 1 and celebrating the many achievements that occurred. We reflected on the wonderful opportunities including classroom learning, excursions, camps, sport events, the co-curricular program and the Teachers who have assisted in allowing the activities to occur. Term 1 was certainly busy!

Term 1 was the longest period of schooling that students and staff have experienced in recent years. As we begin term 2, we have the opportunity to re-set and refocus and ensure all students are striving for their personal best. I acknowledge that for some students returning to the routine of school this year has at times been very challenging. Classroom teachers will continue to create calm classroom environments with consistent high expectations for behaviour. I am providing a summary for you below so that you too are aware of our classroom expectations of students. A key message to students at the Assembly was the reminder that their choice determines the consequence. As a College we are very transparent about behaviour standards and the consequences that apply when there is a breach of College expectations. I urge all students throughout the year to practice personal responsibility for their learning and behaviour at school.


  • Students enter the room in an orderly fashion.
  • The room is inspected for rubbish/graffiti and cleaned if necessary.
  • Students are to sit in their allocated seat as per the direction of the teacher.
  • A greeting is exchanged by the staff member and students as a sign that the lesson is now commencing.


  • All students arrive on time to every lesson. Lateness is recorded by the Teacher and consequences apply for consistent lateness.
  • Students are to access toilets and drink taps before school, recess and lunch NOT during class time unless an emergency/approved circumstance.


  • Students wear correct College summer or winter uniform.
  • PE uniform is only worn on PE days or other permitted practical lessons.
  • All students follow personal grooming expectations i.e. clean shaven, permitted jewellery only, no acrylic nails/SNS/polish.
  • Non permitted items i.e. hoodies, jewellery will be confiscated by the teacher


  • Class books and planner are on the desk at the start of the lesson
  • A charged lap top is taken to class along with pens and other required materials for the subject.

Mobile phones

  • Unless directed to use by the teacher for learning purposes no mobile phones, earbuds are not used at school.
  • Mobile phones and ear buds that are sighted by a staff member will be confiscated and taken to the Campus Office. The mobile phone consequence steps will apply.


  • The classroom and school rules are followed and all members of the classroom and the school property is treated with respect.
  • Students follow the hands off policy at all times.
  • When a student is displaying defiance a staff member will ask ‘Are you refusing to follow a reasonable request?’ If defiant behaviour continues after this reminder, the student will be exited from the classroom by the Year Level Coordinator or Coordinator of Students and consequences applied.
  • A restorative meeting between the student and teacher is required before students attend the next lesson of the subject.

Prior to dismissal the class

  • The class leaves the room in a clean state (desk, floor)
  • Desks are checked for graffiti and cleaned if required
  • Homework is recorded in the student planner
  • Students leave the room in a calm manner once dismissed by the teacher

From the Head of Faith & Mission - Mr Robert Dullard Vol 6

JJAMM Sydney 2022 Report from College Captain Angus and College Vice Captain Siala:

Last week, we had the privilege accompanied by Mr. Knobel attending the 2022 JJAMM Leadership Conference in Sydney run by Sr Jan Barnett and Karen Oxley from the sisters of Saint Joseph. We were joined by College Captains and Senior Leaders from other Josephite Schools in NSW. Our experience began with a day of sightseeing, prior to the beginning of JJAMM, we visited Circular Quay for Lunch, walked around the Sydney Opera House, visited Manly on the ferry for the afternoon, concluding with delicious Thai at a restaurant, which was just a brisk walk from Mary Mackillop Place. The conference began at Mary Mackillop Place, North Sydney learning about Mary Mackillop in the place where she worked, lived, and now lays to rest in the tomb in the Chapel. The conference continued at St Joseph’s Baulkham Hills.

We were blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with other captains and build our leadership together as one charism. We learnt what it means to truly be a Josephite, what issues are important to us how we can act on them and how we can bring our passions into our leadership for the greater good. The last day was an emotional time as we had all bonded so well together, we were all sad to be going our separate ways, but there was a mutual understanding that we were all going back to our schools to put our plans into action. It was truly a privileged and motivational experience.

We will both be forever grateful for the privilege in attending this amazing conference, we would like to express a huge thank to Mr. Knobel for accompanying us on the trip and everything he did for us, it was amazing, and you made sure everything was look after! Also, a huge thank you to Mr Caldow, Mr Dullard, and Mrs Fry for the amazing opportunity to attend JJAMM 2022 in Sydney as well as organising everything for us prior to our departure to Sydney!

Learning at Penola

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for Years 7 and 9 students are held in May each year. In 2022, the NAPLAN Online test window is between Tuesday 10 May and Friday 20 May. NAPLAN tests assess student knowledge and skills in writing, reading, conventions of language (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) and numeracy. The results of the tests provide information for students, parents, teachers, and principals and can be used to improve student achievement.

NAPLAN Online delivers numerous benefits including:

  • a ‘tailored test’ design that adapts to correct and incorrect student responses providing a more precise understanding of student achievement.
  • innovative use of technology, including a more engaging test design and a wider range of item types.
  • the extension of the ‘test window’ to two weeks, allowing schools greater opportunity to schedule the tests at times that suit them best and increasing student participation.

All students are expected to participate in the NAPLAN Online tests. Catch up tests will be available for individual students who are absent on test days up to and including Friday 20 May 2022.

All students must bring a fully charged laptop and wired headphones/earphones for the duration of the testing period.

Support can be arranged for students with disabilities if the student regularly uses similar support for classroom assessment tasks.

Exemptions may be granted to students with significant intellectual disabilities and to students who have been learning English for less than one year.

If you would like to discuss further any supports that your child may be eligible for, please do not hesitate to contact either Ms Isabelle Carlon (Year 7 Learning Enhancement Teacher) for Year 7 students at our Glenroy Campus or Ms Denise Koshy (NCCD Coordinator) and Ms Katya Brandon (Head of Student Enhancement) for Year 9 students at our Broadmeadows Campus. Parental consent is required before any support due to disability or exemption is granted.

Students may be withdrawn from NAPLAN by their parent or carer. This is a matter for consideration by parents and carers in consultation with the College. If, after consultation, you decide to withdraw your child, you must sign a student withdrawal form. Please contact Ms Carlon (Year 7), Ms Koshy or Ms Brandon (Year 9).

Later in the year you will receive your child’s personal NAPLAN report. The report will describe your child’s particular skills in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. The report will also show how your child performed in relation to national minimum standards. These describe the minimum acceptable standards for students across Australia.

I am confident that the information you receive as a result of your child’s participation in the NAPLAN tests will be valuable in helping you to assess your child’s progress in literacy and numeracy.

For more information about the tests, please feel free to use the following resources:

Learning @ Penola


‘Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel – The Exhibition’ – an excursion for the Year 12 Italian students
Towards the end of Term 1, on Friday 1 April, the Year 12 Italian students, accompanied by their Italian teacher Miss Giuseppina Graziano and the Italian language assistant Miss Martina Battista, participated in an excursion to the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel – The Exhibition at the Emporium in the city centre of Melbourne. Eleven students took part to the event, including eight Year 11 students accelerating in Italian and completing Unit 3, and 4 Year 12 students completing Unit 3 Italian in their final year of schooling. The visit to the exhibition allowed these students to engage in a meaningful and more concrete way with the content they are currently studying as part of their Unit 3 Italian course: ‘The Renaissance in Italy’.

Prior to the excursion the students had learnt about the socio-historical and cultural background of Renaissance, the importance of Michelangelo as an artist of that time and had completed learning activities on the Sistine Chapel (La Cappella Sistina). The students valued the excursion not as a mere fun day together as a class, but as a highly educational opportunity that offered them the chance to have a closer look at the artworks, although virtually displayed, of a worldwide famous Italian artist they were studying.

Thanks to the very detailed commentary in the audio guides available for each panel exhibited and students’ prior knowledge of the Renaissance art, the students were able to observe, identify and analyse Michelangelo’s artistic techniques and use of symbols, the intentions laying behind his artistic choices and the complex meanings behind each story represented in each fresco. The students appreciated that the excursion was a meaningful learning opportunity and engaged with the artworks on display by observing and reflecting on each of Michelangelo’s paintings exhibited, by taking notes and by sharing comments with their teacher, the language assistant and among themselves during and after the visit.

Following the excursion, the class discussed what was learnt, the highlight of the day and the benefits of the overall experience. The students’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive as per some of their comments below:

‘I thought that the exhibition was great, I enjoyed seeing the artwork in a much larger and more detailed way than you could on a screen. I felt that it allowed us to learn more about the artwork from that time period. I particularly enjoyed seeing paintings such as The Creation of Adam, The Creation of Eve, and The Last Judgement - it really helped me to gain a more thorough understanding of the artwork during the Renaissance’ (Nicholas C – Year 12).

The exhibit was really fun! It offered an extremely detailed layout which gave you a clear understanding of where the artworks were placed on the roof and the importance of each placement. The audio guide offered invaluable insight into Michelangelo's technique and explained connections between the Bible, Michelangelo, and the journey of the artwork (Olivia B – Year 11).

‘The Michelangelo Sistine Chapel exhibition was amazing. The detail in each painting was incredible! The staff were so kind!!’ (Natasha Y – Year 12).

The visit to the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel’s exhibition has formed an integral part of the Unit 3 Italian study for 2022 and has created a memorable learning experience for the Year 12 Italian students. On behalf of the students as well, I wish to thank the school Principal, Mr Caldow, the Head of Languages, Ms Fulvia Galigani, and the Organizational team for approving this excursion and the learning opportunity that such approval has offered to the Year 12 Italian students this year.

Miss Giuseppina Graziano and the Year 12 Italian students

Visual Arts

The annual Catholic Schools Creative Arts Exhibition is a much-anticipated part of the celebrations that take place for Catholic Education Week, 14 -21 of March. The Visual Art department at Penola Catholic College have a rich tradition of student representation in this exhibition, held within the beautiful Catholic Leadership Centre in East Melbourne. Art works are selected from all P-12 Catholic Schools in Victoria. The variety and high quality of works exhibited was very impressive.

Congratulations to Chloe S from the class of 2021 on being selected to be hung and continuing the strong representation of our School in this Exhibition.


Oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas (image below)

God’s love arrives in Jesus, his affection for us drove him to give us the ultimate act of love, his life, death and resurrection. As a Christian, religion is a big part of my life. I wanted my artwork to express the love I have for Jesus. I wanted his eyes to stand out and speak to the viewer, as the eyes are the window to the soul.

Chloe SVCE Studio Art 2021

Student Leadership

As day one of Term 2 commenced, the Student Leadership Team were ready to face the start of this Term with determination and many exciting and bright ideas. The College Captains and each of our Portfolio Captains are to be truly commended for the active role they played during the Anzac Day Assembly on day 1. Each student spoke with a sense of genuine authenticity as they reflected on the sheer significance and importance of this day. All staff and students were able to witness our Student Leaders truly ‘lead through example’ during this time. In the lead up to ANZAC day, the Student Leaders on both the Glenroy and Broadmeadows Campus circulated through countless buildings in order to sell ANZAC Day badges for our local, Glenroy RSL. I know the efforts pertaining to the selling of these badges, will be appreciated.

Our College Captain, Angus D and College Vice Captain, Siala M were accompanied by Mr. G Knobel to Sydney in order to partake in the JJAMM conference, meeting with many other Josephite schools. The students were provided with many opportunities to immerse themselves in the Charism of Mary MacKillop, whilst leadership training was covered on a range of pivotal areas. Prior to the JJAMM conference, I was very fortunate to accompany some of our Senior Leaders on an incursion as Sr. Jan Barnett (a Sister of Saint Joseph) visited Penola Catholic College. Throughout the course of this day, the Student Leaders discussed various areas pertaining to Leadership, inclusive of finding one’s voice for a cause that matters. The students shared many thoughts around issues in society, finding a platform to begin the process of sharing these passionate views with others. What a wonderful opportunity to unite in prayer, solidarity and strengthening leadership.

On Monday 2 May, I had the opportunity to meet with the Senior Penola School Council and will meet with the Junior School Council next Monday. The student leaders have some wonderful ideas in the works and I cannot wait to see each of these come to fruition as our Leaders continue to be the voice of the students, for the students and moreover, for the College community as a whole.

Below you will find a report from our Captains of Sport Joulia and Tara.

I hope all members of our community have a wonderful Term ahead. May we all be called to be positive leaders in all that we do.
Miss. Elizabeth Perkin.

Captains of Sport Report from Joulia and Tara:

On Tuesday 5 April our annual Athletics Day took place. This was a great opportunity for the college community to gather all together and enjoy the various activities. We saw many students showcasing their house spirit by participating and dressing according to their house colour. This year a prize of a $50 Uber Eats voucher was given out to the best dressed each year level. The winners were as follows:

  • Year 7: Anastasia Panagiotidis
  • Year 8: Caprice Young
  • Year 9: Giselle Jajo
  • Year 10: Daniela Odisho
  • Year 11: Cayden Weaver
  • Year 12: Bianca Bonacci

We are extremely thankful for all the staff and students for their efforts into this day. It was also great to see many competitive young athletes actively getting involved throughout the day.

Attached below is a summary of the best athlete each year level:

  • Junior Boy Bailey Kennedy
  • Junior Girl Jaede Razon
  • Inter Boy Alexandros Sirp
  • Inter Girl Hannah Adams
  • Senior Boy Lucas Portelli
  • Senior Girl Grace Jory

Attached below is a summary of results from the Athletics Day:





Sancta Sophia


Junior Points







Junior Rankings







Inter Points







Inter Ranking







Senior Points







Senior Ranking







Total Points







Total Ranking







Wednesday 27 April, Year 7 Premier League season got underway, congratulations to the Netball team on their Round 1 victory against Emmanuel. Commiserations to Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer and AFL who were outclassed by very strong Emmanuel Outsides in Round 1. Good luck to all Teams for Round 2 especially Boys and Girls Basketball and Volleyball Teams who will commenced their seasons on Wednesday 4 May against CRC Caroline Springs.

Congratulations to the SACSS Senior Boys AFL Team on their Round 1 47 point victory against Caroline Chisholm, good luck to the team for their next game against Marymede on Tuesday 12 May.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Events
May is such an exciting month for our Performing Arts Department. Our Performing Arts building is buzzing with excitement as our Music Ensembles, Instrumental Music students, Drama Club and Music, Dance and Drama classes diligently rehearse for our upcoming concerts.

We kickstart our May performance season with the following events:

  • VCE Unit 1 Afternoon Concert - Tuesday 17 May
  • VCE Unit 3 Evening Concert - Tuesday 17 May @ 6.30pm
  • Performing Arts Camp - Friday 20 to Sunday 22 May
  • Year 10 Theatre Studies Performance - Tuesday 24 May
  • Performing Arts Variety Night - Wednesday 25 May @ 6.30pm

Please see our Performing Arts posters displayed in this Newsletter for further details about our upcoming concerts.

College Production - High School Musical Jr
We are very excited to announce that this year’s production is … (insert drum roll) …High School Musical Jr! This year, we are running two casts to cater for the overwhelming number of students who auditioned for this production. Our show is looking amazing, and our enthusiastic junior and senior production students cannot wait to present this show to our school community in early Term 3.

Tickets to Penola’s production of High School Musical Jr will be on sale from Monday 9 May at 12pm.

High School Musical Jr performance dates are:

  • Thursday 21 July @ 7pm - Opening Night
  • Friday 22 July @ 7pm
  • Saturday 23 July @ 1.30pm
  • Saturday 23 July @ 7pm - Closing Night

Please see our High School Musical Jr poster in this newsletter for further details about the show and to access the ticket sales link.

We look forward to seeing you at our performances!

Mrs Ramona Arney
Head of Performing Arts/Instrumental Music Coordinator


Hear what our Year 10 VCAL students had to say about 2 recent activities.

Latitude Excursion
Year 10 VCAL Numeracy

It was very fun at Latitude, doing rock climbing as well as jumping on the trampoline. I also enjoyed playing basketball with my classmates
Aydin, 10L

It was a great experience, I got to challenge myself and I also had fun playing basketball with the instructors
Daniel 10F

When we went to Latitude it was very fun and a good experience to do with my mates
Jack 10L

Chocolate Rumballs
Year 10 VCAL Numeracy

I enjoyed everything about this task because it was so fun being able to do something besides class work and they tasted so delicious
Urhay 10L

The rumballs were fun to make and I enjoyed eating them
Frank 10L

ID Cards

ID CARDS were distributed Tuesday 26 April – they will have had the Mifare code activated and the card being replaced will no longer be usable

Please ensure that the details shown are correct – please return any with errors (marked clearly) ASAP to : Mrs Dianne Lee - (Broadmeadows Campus)

Where students were missing for photos they are asked to report to the ERC before Friday 6 May to have a photo taken (Full summer or winter school uniform is required for students – including blazer) – an ID Card will be then ordered on your behalf

Important information re use on PTV Services

  • Information for schools about PTV Approved School Student ID
  • A PTV Approved School Student ID is now accepted as a students’ entitlement to buy student passes and concession fares – this will be included on the 2021 Penola Student ID cards.
  • Victorian school students are now able to use their PTV approved school ID to access concession travel on public transport, saving time and money and will no longer need to apply for a separate concession card.
  • The student ID will need to be carried at all times on public transport when accessing a student concession fare

ID cards are activated and ready for use


College Fees

Please arrange payment for your Term 2 School Fees. (Payment is due the first week of each Term.)

If you are not receiving your School Fee statements each month please contact us at to update your email address

To discuss your account please contact Lisa Crosbie on 99089041 or email

Thank you.

Community News

PCC Newsletter Volume 6 - 05 May 2022